About Us

We at Jaipur international work 9 hours a day, 6 days a week to provide our customers with vibrant designs and mesmerizing textures and on time delivery.

Omkar Vijay (proprietor Jaipur International)  founded Jaipur Pile Carpets in 1982 which manufactured and supplied rugs locally, Starting with just $1500 and based out of a 3000 square foot space and with a mission to provide quality in the job work given by several exporters on a fair price.

After 7 years with consistent effort and proper service, in 1989 Omkar was able to established JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL for exporting carpets to wholesalers worldwide, in just 6 years we grew to 6,000 workers and more than 100 employees.

At JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL, All the richness and timeless elegance of oriental rugs along with their myriad feel and beautiful colors all are carefully woven into each Rug using the best raw material and contemporary process.

Our designers have mesmerized the world with their elegance and detail of pictures. Artisans take pride in getting inspirations from nature as well as human art, modifying historical art and designs with respect to color schemes and patterns, and in the end creating a distinct master-piece from another master inspiration.

Our main exports are to United States of America, Canada and Europe.

We marked a revolution on the international market in 1994 with a production of 80,000 sq ft per month (1000 rugs) in hand spun wool called as Jaipur 9/9 by the name of magnolia fabric collection.

Nearly 70% of the rugs produced in india today are of 9/9 quality because of the texture, feel, consumption, pricing, and ease in producing the rug.

We have received the America’s magnificent carpet award for two years consecutively.